Commercial Fire Sprinklers and Standpipe Systems

National Fire Systems, Inc. provides professional and timely design and installations of commercial fire sprinkler systems to meet national and local fire codes.  We install fire protection systems in office buildings, manufacturing facilities, schools, colleges, retail shopping malls, apartment and condominium complexes, pre-manufactured buildings, and other buildings with fire suppression systems.  In addition to installation, we provide 5-year, annual, and quarterly testing and maintenance on fire sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, and private fire service mains.
Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

According to CDC, deaths from fires and burns are the fifth most common cause of unintentional injury deaths in the United States (CDC 2005) and the third leading cause of fatal home injury (Runyan 2004). At National Fire Systems, Inc., our number one concern is keeping you and your family safe.  Therefore, we guarantee the use of top of the line products and a quality installation whether in a custom home, track home, or a pre-manufactured home.

Our residential fire sprinkler systems are installed using CPVC pipe which is a specially treated plastic that can withstand the temperatures created in a fire.  Using this type of piping is time and cost effective.

We use specially designed residential sprinkler heads in all our installations. These heads come in a variety of colors that are aesthetically pleasing and will compliment the finish of your home.  The only part of the sprinkler head that you actually see is the flat, round cover plate on the ceiling. 

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Our expert technicians are trained in design and installation of new and remodeled kitchen hood fire suppression systems.  We provide upgrades to the new California State Fire Marshall UL-300 Standard.  We also offer emergency service to recharge a discharged (dumped) system and perform semi-annual maintenance.  We are a fully licensed distributor for both the Buckeye Kitchen Mister System and the Amerex KP System and can perform service, upgrades, and modifications to many other brands including Ansul, Pyrochem, and Range Guard.

Special Hazard, Clean Agent, and CO2 Systems

Whether you are protecting valuable equipment, computers, aircraft, or an automotive paint booth, installation and regular testing and servicing of special hazard fire suppression equipment is crucial. The technicians at National Fire Equipment, Inc. will ensure that your systems are in good working order and compliant with all fire codes.

Emergency and Exit Lighting

National Fire Systems, Inc. offers emergency and exit light testing and replacement.  We also sell a wide variety of emergency signs and lighting.  Contact us today to see how we can keep you in compliance.

Fire Pumps

Fire pumps are an intricate part of the funcionallity of your fire sprinkler system.  By law, fire pumps are required to be tested weekly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.  Here at National Fire Systems, Inc. we offer full service fire pump installation, testing, and repair. Our expert technicians are trained and highly skilled in the proper operation of fire pumps as well as diagnosing any existing and potential problems.   

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CO2 Cylinder Refills and Clean Agent Recharge

All CO2 cylinders and cartridges are refilled at our shop with our CO2 machine.  Drop ins are welcome; we’ll refill them while you wait or you can drop them off and pick them up at a later time.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service

Sacramento Fire Extinguisher Co. is the fire extinguisher division of National Fire Systems, Inc.  We are a fully licensed distributor for both Amerex and Buckeye fire protection products.  Our highly qualified staff can serve you with all of your fire extinguisher needs from sales of new extinguishers and cabinets, to service and hydrostatic testing.  We also offer training courses to you and your staff on the proper operation of a fire extinguisher.  We can perform all of these services in our state-of-the-art shop or you can click here to schedule an appointment for us to come to your location.

Hydrostatic Testing

We perform all hydrostatic testing in our fully licensed DOT shop, located at 8521 Morrison Creek Drive in Sacramento, CA.  We test and service many types of cylinders including CO2, oxygen, SCUBA, SCBA, and fire extinguishers.  We also sell, inspect, and hydrostatically test fire hose.  
Fire Extinguisher & Cylinder Services
Fire Suppression Systems
Vehicle and Marine Systems

National Fire Systems, Inc. also offers full service and installation of vehicle and marine system.  These types of systems protect valuable marine vessles and construction/earth moving equipment.  It is law in the State of CA that these systems be serviced every 6 months.  Our qualified technicians will help to ensure that your valuable equipment is protected properly.  

Other Services
Fire Hydrants

Private fire hydrants are required to be flow tested annually and again every 5 years.  At National Fire Systems, Inc. we can make sure that the fire hydrants located on your property will function properly when you need them most.  We offer repair and replacement services as well.

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